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In Interview with Historicalhamilton.com

Historical Hamilton (historicalhamilton.com) has been developed by two dedicated Hamiltonians who’ve put in a ton of their own time creating a site that literally maps out much of Hamilton’s built heritage. Brian Kowalewicz and Paul Dolanjski are longtime friends. Both were born, raised and educated in Hamilton. According to Brian, Paul is the originator of the site, as well as the technical brain behind the site. Brian, according to Paul, is the ideas guy. Both take photographs that end up on the site. Together they have created a whole new way of looking at Hamilton’s heritage. Brian and Paul have placed, or tagged, hundreds of individual heritage buildings (houses, churches, public buildings, even cemeteries) on a Google satellite map of Hamilton. To see all of the red tags they have added to the map, you have to expand your view until you can see Brantford and St. Catherines, such is their heritage lens on Hamilton. Click on one of the red tags and you’ll see a thumbnail image of the building with a link to a page that includes additional photographs of the site, as well as a closer satellite view of where the building is located. In some cases, there is historical information about the building.

“I began the site in 2006 as a way of cataloging the photographs I was taking around Hamilton whenever I was out on my bike or walking,” says Paul. “Pretty soon it became clear that it could be so much more.” That’s when he asked Brian to join him in his ‘hobby’. Brian was keen to take the site to the next level. “It was important to try to help people who visited the site to see where all of this great built heritage was located,” adds Brian. That’s where the Google satellite mapping came in. “We’ve made it look pretty easy, but to be honest it wasn’t. Getting each of the locations properly mapped into the Google system took some time, but now that we have a process, it’s much easier.”

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I write as an amateur family historian in the hopes that you may assist with a missing piece to a long-standing family puzzle.

I wonder if you have ever come across any reference to a restaurant called 'THE TAMOSHANTER' in the Corktown area of Hamilton? From skimpy verbal references only, I am given to understand that this eatery was operated by a MRS. THERESA BRUNNER, although indistinct family lore does not state whether she was merely the cook or the owner of the said business.

My dear wife was legally adopted by Mrs. Brunner, (her grandmother), at the age of five in 1940. Extrapolating from that date, I must assume that Mrs. Brunner may have been involved in 'The Tam' (as it was sometimes called), sometime in the early 1930s. Mrs. Brunner adopted both my wife and her younger sister, (now deceased), as their mother had been killed in a fatal automobile accident and the girl's father was a bit of a rascal it seems. We believe that Mrs. Brunner was no longer involved in the restaurant circa 1939.

Although I met Mrs. Brunner while courting my wife in 1954-55 I was NOT interested in 'family history' at the time, (just her
grand-daughter). Besides, Mrs. B. was not given to discussing hers own past to the extent that we never did learn the name or her long estranged husband.

IF you DO know of, or have come across any reference to 'The TAMOSHANTER' within your travels, both my wife and I will appreciate any information or assistance you may offer.

Darryl and Theresa Buckle.
600 John St. N., Hamilton.
E-mail buck175@cogeco.ca

September 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDarryl Buckle

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June 24, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterdives

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