New Study Reveals Most In Demand Occupations In Canada In 2018

According to a latest study, conducted by Randstad, the leading Human Resource Firm, it has been observed that currently there is a huge demand for IT jobs. In fact, the study listed occupations like that of a business analyst or software engineers or IT project managers are witnessing a high demand among the business owners of Canada.

Due to the huge demand of business analyst or IT project managers, many skilled workers from different parts of the country are taking the help of immigration lawyer Mississauga. The immigration lawyer being experienced in the field of immigration can safely guide clients on the suitable immigration program available to them. For instance, they can tell whether they should apply through Federal Skilled Workers Program or through Canadian Experience Class.

Study Can Be of Great Help

According to immigration attorneys, the goal of the study is to provide potential skilled workers an overview of the various job openings within Canada.

Canada: Best Place for Job

Canada is considered to be a land of opportunities for those who want to start their business and also those who want to get a job. In fact, Canada is preferred by talented and skilled workers as its working policy is not very strict. Also, the immigration lawyer Mississauga can help candidate to choose their immigration program according to their work experience.


Randstad who conducted the study along with other business consultants pointed out that the tech-sector holds a sea of opportunities for IT-techs. It has been seen that developers with core IT skills, such as both back and front-end coding are most likely to get a job. The study also revealed that Java developers are high in demand. Next to Java was the demand for SQL and Python Developers.

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Study Revealed

For immigration lawyer Mississauga, publishing the study just ahead of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau paid his visit to San Francisco. As a matter of fact, this study offered great opportunity to present Canada as an ideal place for tech companies as well as for talented job seekers.

The attorney tries to make one point clear that the technology sector forms the largest job-catering area. For instance, the IT sector added around 11,500 jobs in the year 2017. Every year, this sector employs around 488,000 professionals.


According to the study, other interesting occupations that Canada promises to provide in this year are:

  • Project Manager

  • Software Engineer

  • Program Analyst

  • Web Developer

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Immigration lawyer Mississauga can help skilled workers to apply for their required job immigration form. The attorney will ensure that the immigrant has filed the application correctly. Only then the processing of the application won’t take much time. Thus, helping the talented worker to get a job and settle down in Canada easily.


Talented tech workers can be a part of the weekly draws that is held at the provincial level. Alternatively, a talented worker can come to Canada and get pr through express Entry Program.

Immigration lawyer Mississauga can help talented workers to safely complete the immigration program. This kind of data on the top 10 job openings can be great for candidates who are looking for better job opportunities in foreign countries. Catch the latest immigration news here!

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