The Story of Hamilton HIStory + HERitage

This November, 2012, Hamilton HIStory + HERitage will be celebrating 5 years on James Street North. This short video is of a presentation Graham Crawford, Founder of H+H, has made to a number of audiences, including students at McMaster University, minus his narration.


Nora Frances Henderson - A Life of Service

Nora Frances Henderson was one of Hamilton’s most remarkable women. From her first job as a writer at the Hamilton Herald in 1919 with a weekly salary of $8, to her election to City Council in 1931, backed by the Local Council of Women, to her election to the Board of Control in 1935. Not only is she the first woman in Hamilton to sit on the Board of Control, she is the first woman in Canada to hold this position. She is the first acting Mayor in Hamilton’s history, taking the reigns when Mayor Sam Lawrence is away on business. In 1946, after 16 years in politics, she resigns. She becomes the Executive Director of the Children’s Aid Society. In 1954, 5 years after her death, the Nora Frances Henderson Hospital opens on Hamilton’s east mountain.



If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, behold. 

The Board of Education Building is threatened with demolition by McMaster University. Rather than build in the parking lot behind the building, which will also be owned by McMaster, the university is choosing to destroy a Hamilton landmark. 

Hamilton taxpayers will contribute $20 million to help McMaster demolish this building.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, behold.

Please help by emailing:

City Council.  The Board of Education. Patrick Deane, President of McMaster University at


If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, behold. from historyandheritage on Vimeo.


Bill. My brother. My hero.

Ed Stewart loves his older brother Bill. It shows in how he describes the influence Bill had on Ed's life. Ed is now in his 80's. That's a long time to love a brother as deeply as Ed does.

Bill. My brother. My hero. is the story of Ed's brother Bill. And of the entire Stewart family and their lives in Hamilton's North End. From being kids in the 1920's, to working as young adults, to serving their country during WW II, and through to the present day, this is a remarkable story of a remarkable family. And two brothers who had a special bond.

This exhibition was well-received by young and older alike. By veterans of the Second World War and by kids who barely know its story. Whether a parent, or a sibling, or both, this touching story will resonate with you.


Bill. My brother. My hero. from historyandheritage on Vimeo.



Come On-A My House - Growing Up Italian in Hamilton's North End

Come On-A My House – Growing Up Italian in Hamilton’s North End is an exhibition that began fortuitously. Andrea Malloni, granddaughter of Anita Malloni who had passed away in early 2010, came in with a book under her arm. It was a tribute that she and Len her dad and son of Anita, had put together for family members.

The book includes remarkable family photographs dating as far back as the 1920’s, as well as recipes from Anita’s own hand-written recipe book. The photographs reveal the story of Italian immigrant family and their life in Hamilton’s North End on Bay Street North where Anita’s parents and her own house still stand today. The recipes reveal a culture of food, from taralli, to stuffed Ascolano olives, to ravioli. All done Anita’s way.

Whether you’re Italian, or another nationality whose family came to Canada and to Hamilton in particular, you’ll see your own family history reflected in this movie.


Come On-A My House - Growing Up Italian in Hamilton's North End from historyandheritage on Vimeo.