Pressed for Time

Ann Gillespie has researched the origins and uses of decorative pressed metal used in ceilings and building ornamentation. This exhibit, based on her thesis work, traces the history of pressed metal including original manufacturers, distributors, installers and applications. She provides extensive photographic evidence of pressed metal uses on buildings and in stores throughout Hamilton.

The exhibition runs from September through to November.


H+HTalk - Pressed for Time -  Saturday, October 31 @ 1:00 p.m.

Ann Gillespie will be conducting an illustrated talk on the use of pressed metal in Hamilton at Hamilton HIStory + HERitage.

Admission is free, but seating is limited


Corktown - Stories of a Neighbourhood

June 12 - August 14

Bill Manson has written extensively on various Hamilton neighbourhoods including the Durand, the North End and Kirkendall. This time, Bill focuses on Corktown, one of Hamilton's most historic neighbourhoods. From its beginnings as farm properties owned by the Springer brothers, and lots owned by speculator Colonel James Durand in the very early 1800's, through the decades that saw thousands of immigrants, many from Ireland, take up residence in Corktown, to today where a new energy is to be found on the storied streets of Corktown.

This multi-media exhibition runs from June 12 until August 14. In addition to the exhibition, Bill Manson will be conducting two H+HTalks and a walking tour. Admission is free to all talks and tours.


H+HTalk - Corktown - June 13 @ 1:00 p.m.

Walking Tour June 13 @ 2:30 p.m. (meet in the parking lot on the southwest corner of Main and Hughson)

H+HTalk - Corktown - July 4 @ 1:00 p.m.

Walking Tour July 4 @ 2:30 p.m. (meet in the parking lot on the southwest corner of Main and Hughson)


If you cannot make the walking tour date, or if you would like to take a self-guided tour as well, there is a free, illustrated, downloadable walking tour narrated by Bill Manson and illustrated with over 100 historical and recent photographs of Corktown. Click on Podcasts and then look for the Podtrods logo to download the tour, or to listen and watch the tour online. Please note that the Podtrod will not be posted until July 15, 2009.



June 12 - August 14

Rob Hamilton has been a lover of architecture for most of his life. He's also a researcher and librarian by profession. It was this combination of interest and skill that led him to begin learning about the designer of the Hamilton's iconic Herkimer Apartments, at the corner of Bay St. and Herkimer. Once underway, his research revealed the life of one of Hamilton's great architects - William Palmer Witton. In the late 1890's, Witton trained under Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler in Chicago. Sullivan is considered one of America's great architects. Adler was known as a great structural engineer. Frank Lloyd Wright also worked for Sullivan. Witton returned to Hamilton and began his career as a designer of some of Hamilton's most significant buildings. The exhibition features Rob Hamilton's research that traces Witton's career from his birth in Hamilton in 1871. It contains many images of his work throughout Hamilton, both past and present.. If you're a Hamiltonian, you'll be amazed at how many of the buildings you will recognize, even though you may never have heard of W. P. Witton.

The multi-media exhibition runs from June 12 until August 14. In addition to the exhibition, Rob Hamilton will be conducting an H+HTalk about W.P. Witton's life and architecture. Admission is free.

H+HTalk - William Palmer Witton - Hamilton's Architect - July 11 @ 1:00 p.m.

There is an interview between HIStory + HERitage's Graham Crawford and Rob Hamilton on the life and architecture of William Palmer Witton. The interview was produced by Brodie Chree.


PORTES OF CALL - Photographs of Bob Downton

June 12 - August 14


Portes of Call represents Bob Downton's second photographic exhibition at Hamilton HIStory + HERitage. His first was called inSPIRED - Hamilton Church Spires. This exhibition features Bob's photographs of "working" doors all over Hamilton. Each door was one that workers went through each day to earn a living, some at large factories, others at small workshops. Most have been closed for many years. But all have a history. Bob's photographs capture the industrial beauty of these wonderful entrances around Hamilton.





Fading Light

Michel Proulx, who lives in Hamilton Ontario, took these photographs in the late 1970’s around the world, including Hamilton, while on assignment for Claude Neon.